AGM Date:  The next SaveKSG Public Meeting will be at 8pm on Wednesday 11th March 2015, at the usual venue: St Peter & The Guardian Angels Social Club, behind the church in Paradise Street SE16. Read more

Autumn Newsletter 2014 here is the latest newsletter from the SaveKSG action group Autumn Newsletter 2014

Vote for KSG
Please vote for King's Stairs Gardens on the Fields in Trust website. FiT provide funding to KSG for planting and play equipment as well as important legal protection against developers.
Voting closes on the 3rd November 2014.

KSG BIG PICNIC Saturday 19th July 2014
We had a great day. You can read about it here.

AGM Date:  The next SaveKSG Public Meeting will be at 8pm on Thursday 16th January 2014, at the usual venue: St Peter & The Guardian Angels Social Club, behind the church in Paradise Street SE16. Read more

of the Wild Flower Meadow in King's Stairs Gardens here

from the Teddy Bears' Picnic on Saturday 29th June 2013 are available here to view and download.

AGM was held on the 15th January 2013. Simon Hughes was there to give us an update on the Thames Tunnel campaign. The minutes for the meeting are here

Photos from the visit of Prince Edward to King's Stairs Gardens in November can be seen in these links

ROYAL VISIT Prince Edward Tuesday 13th November, 2:20 pm, is a must for your diary! That's when HRH Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, is coming to KSG to unveil our QEII Field plaque and a super new inscription on the Jubilee Stone commemorating Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee. Read more here

October 2012 News Letter
is here

Final Site Selection in July
Thames Water should publish their final site selection in the middle of July.  We hope that will be when they finally confirm that they do not have any formal interest in King's Stairs Gardens.  In the mean time, we are still officially held in reserve as a drive site.  Here is a press release from the Action Group 

Jubilee River Pageant - and KSG is now a Queen Elizabeth II Field!  
Read about it and see the photos of how we celebrated both momentous events in King's Stairs Gardens here

BBC London News
reported that King's Stairs Gardens has gained Village Green status.  Read their news article

KSG still in Reserve 
The Phase 2 consultation has now closed and our thanks goes out to everyone that told Thames Water that King’s Stairs Gardens was unsuitable for a shaft and as a construction site for the Thames Tunnel sewer.  Thames Water is due to publish their plans following the latest consultation in June.  Let’s hope they listen to public opinion and remove KSG from their lists completely.

KSG gains Village Green status thanks to Southwark Council who unanimously passed it.  Read more here

Help Us Get Funds to Improve KSG!
  We've applied for funding under Southwark Council's Cleaner Greener Safer Programme.  Find out how you can help Find out how you can help here

Thames Water announce Phase 2.
  Thames Water announced their Phase 2 plans on Friday 4rd November.  King's Stairs Gardens is no longer its preferred site for a tunnel worksite in Southwark! 
It's great news that Thames Water has listened to the voices of the thousands of people who insist than greenfield sites such as our wonderful park should not be considered for these works. 
Read more here

Response from Southwark Lib Dems
Thames Water Feedback form for Phase 2 (closing date is 10th February 2012)
Press release

Diary 2010/2011 Read Donna's review of the campaign month by month here

SaveKSG meeting report 8th November 2011 

Selbourne Commission Report
has been published.  Read about it here

A local resident has written to say that she has lived next to the park for over 40 years and says what King's Stairs Gardens means to her.  Read her letter

Phase 2 of our Campaign to save King's Stairs Gardens starts here.  Please read this important information about Thames Water's latest plans and send this letter or email it to Phil Stride at Thames Water, as well as the suggested other important people.  We must not let our guard down now when they will be making the most important decision about the future of KSG in November.
Phase 2 Starts Here

Current Consultations for your input:
The government is trying to push through massive changes to the way the planning system works. Swathes of pristine countryside and vital green fields around our towns and cities could be put in jeopardy.

Local News Paper has extensive coverage of the Save KSG campaign and the Butterfly Picnic.  8 16 News August edition

The Butterfly Picnic
on the 24th July was a fun and well attended event in King's Stairs Gardens.  Read about it here

The Queen came to King's Stairs Gardens in 1977 as part of her Silver Jubilee celebration. See the picture here

Butterfly Garden
has been planted by children from local schools.  Read more here

Open Spaces Society
call for a new status for open areas like King’s Stairs Gardens.  Click here to view their page

Green Places have an excellent article in their magazine.  Read more here

Changes to Facebook
mean you now have to an account with Facebook to see the SaveKSG campaign there.

Nature Day A thousand people turned out to enjoy a fun day in King's Stairs Gardens Read about it here

Conservation Area status has been granted to King's Stairs Gardens  More information here

Chambers Wharf has now been purchased by Thames Water (in conjunction with St James Group Ltd) as a possible alternative to King's Stairs Gardens. The Save King's Stairs Gardens Action Group welcomes Thames Water's recognition that green spaces, mature trees, children's playgrounds and key cycle and walking routes must not be destroyed unnecessarily. The Action Group maintains its clear message of brownfield not greenfield. The campaign will carry on until King's Stairs Gardens is removed from Thames Water's list of preferred sites and the Action Group will continue to call upon Thames Water to consider a range of brownfield options to present for the next phase of consultation and to minimise the disruption surrounding the site eventually chosen. Meanwhile King's Stairs Gardens remains a preferred option for Thames Water and so our campaign is far from over.

Video of the announcement
Report of the meeting
Thames Water's news
BBC Report
Southwark News
Baroness Sarah Ludford MEP
Simon Hughes MP
Cllr Anood Al-Samerai
Cllr Lisa Rajan

Boris Johnson has written to the head of Thames Water over concerns about the impact its proposed ‘super sewer’ ... Read more

BBC's Politics Show with David Bellamy in KSG shown on Sunday 16th January Watch Here

The Consultation has finished.  A big thanks to everyone who has filled out the Thames Water questionnaire.  It is important that we continue to keep the campaign active over the next few months until TW publish their final site selection.  The SaveKSG website will continue to give you the latest information and news of events.  You can still sign our our online petition. 

The Guardian has an article about the Thames Tunnel
London's super sewer causes a stink.

David Bellamy in KSG 
Read the report here

KSG film showing the effect of Thames Water's proposal to King's Stairs Gardens here.

Local high profile support for the SaveKSG campaign from Cllr Anood Al-Samerai and Barry Albin

Five Thousand people have now signed our petition including the actor Sir Patrick Stewart and the singer Annie Lennox.  Read more details about their support here

Simon Hughes announces his support for the Save King's Stairs Gardens campaign.  Read the letter and watch here

Final Consultation Report from the last public consultation by Thames Water at City Hall on Tuesday 14th December. Report here

Petition handed in to Thames Water by Save KSG Action Group and children from St Joseph's school.  Read more

Video Report
of Thames Water at local meeting

Southwark Council's draft response
on the Thames Tunnel can be found here (under Item 11)

NEW: You can now donate: Donations can now be paid into the Save KSG bank account.  Details here

More posters: You can put these in your window to show support. View here

Patron for Save KSG: Prof David Bellamy OBE, the well-known broadcaster, botanist and environmental campaigner, is now an Honorary Patron of the Save King's Stairs Gardens Action Group.  He has openly called for Thames Water to choose a brownfield site for these works.

BBC report on the Save KSG campaign: BBC London showed a report on King's Stairs Gardens in their evening news program on Friday 20th November.  You can see a report on the BBC website. article 

In Thames Water's Own Words.  There have been some very long Suitability and Selection documents from TW which you have to be pretty dedicated to read, so we have cut out the key points into one handy and damning document: In their own words.

TW Site Suitability Report for KSG.  This site suitability report from Thames Water is very detailed and has some eye opening photos of what they expect the construction site to be like and the buildings that they want to leave behind after the tunnel has been built.  It will give you an idea of what they are really planning for KSG! KSG Site Suitability Report

Selection Document.  Thames Water's King's Stairs Gardens selection document which outlines why they selected King's Stairs Gardens.

Sister Cecily writes for the Bosco Centre - Link to page
Baroness Sarah Ludford, MEP for London visits KSG - Link to page

See the full sized banner picture

Save KSG newsletter Oct 20: click here
To get on the mailing list send a blank email to

Our campaign in the press:
Boris Johnson expresses concern 25 Feb Docklands24
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11 Nov Southwark News
Praised for getting their hands dirty
9 Nov South London Press
Trees could stop sewer threat
4 Nov Southwark News
Deputy Liberal Democrat leader Simon Hughes joins Rotherhithe sewer fight
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Sewer shaft in park plan 'could push my pub out of business' 28 Oct Southwark News
David Bellamy letter
26 Oct Southwark News
‘Super sewer proposal stinks,’ say campaigners
15 Oct Docklands24
Rotherhithe residents fight sewer tunnel proposals
9 Oct Docklands24
Peter John, the leader of Southwark Council statement   Southwark Council

ral Democrat leader Simon Hughes joins Rotherhithe sewer fight