Cleaner Greener Safer

We have applied for funding under Southwark Council’s Cleaner Greener Safer Programme for a number of enhancements and repairs to King’s Stairs Gardens. These funds are available to implement ideas from local people and community groups to improve their local environment, and we believe that it’s entirely appropriate that some necessary maintenance and improvements to King’s Stairs Gardens could be made a reality through this scheme.

We have proposed an idea called the King’s Stairs Gardens Diamond Jubilee/Olympic Year Initiative for works to the park and playground that we feel are essential given the higher profile the park will have this year. King’s Stairs Gardens will be a prime viewing area for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee River Pageant; a new inscription will be added to the Jubilee Stone; and the park is on the Jubilee Greenway to 2012 Olympic venues.

The much-needed works we are proposing include:

  • Repairs to damaged and decayed pathways
  • Replacement of the rotting and dangerous retaining logs on the embankments bordering Fulford Street
  • Landscaping works along the river frontage and softening of boundaries with hedging and native species planting
  • Updated seating
  • Installation of ‘Green Flag’ notice boards
  • Replacement of playground equipment that ‘disappeared’ a couple of years ago

Our proposal also includes two measures to enhance the wildlife habitat:

  • a stag beetle loggery in the south-west corner of the park
  • some bat boxes (built by local children) to help the park’s bat population including the rare Nathasius pipistrelle which was recorded in the park last year, for the first time ever in Southwark

These works would help bring King’s Stairs Gardens up to ‘Green Flag status, an asset to be prized by the whole borough. They would further enhance the park and playground, to the benefit of all local residents and the many thousands of visitors to this historic area and fantastic riverside park.

BUT – and this is where you come in – for our idea to be accepted, we need to have evidence of support from local residents. So we’ve set up a petition at Please sign it as this will provide the necessary evidence of your support. Please note, this is entirely separate from the super sewer petition that you’ve already signed (you have, haven’t you?). This new one is only appropriate for Rotherhithe and Bermondsey residents; please ask your friends who live locally to sign it too.