Newsletter - 20 October 2010

Here's a quick update after last night’s deputation to Southwark Council in which we presented our alternatives to Thames Water's plan for King Stairs Gardens.

Several of the King Stairs Gardens Action Group ventured to the town hall to obtain support from Southwark councillors in saving King Stairs Gardens from destruction.  We presented a paper to Council outlining alternative solutions for Thames Water's Super Sewer, and took and answered questions from Councillors.   We emphasised in particular the appalling impact that Thames Water's plans will have on the human, cultural and wildlife aspects of our local park.

Before our presentation there was a dramatic debate over the government's spending review with councillors from opposing parties in very heated disagreement.  However, all Southwark councillors voiced their opposition to Thames Water's destructive plans for Kings Stairs Gardens regardless of their political affiliations.

However, we don’t fully understand yet the process of planning and who has the authority, so we must continue to campaign to save our park. It’s a good step forward to have support from the councillors but we need to seek more support from MPs, the Major and other parties.

The King Stairs Gardens Action Group is lobbying MPs and London Assembly members and there are a number of initiatives in process.  So we must keep fighting to save King Stairs Gardens from destruction.  We particularly want to encourage as many of you as are able to write personally to Thames Water voicing your opposition to their plans to use greenfield sites instead of brownfield sites.

Thank you to all those who have helped so far.  And please continue to get people to sign the online petition.

We now have a new and expanded website at  Please use this new site in any social networking you are able to do with family, friends and neighbours.  And don't just limit yourselves to the local area.  Friends and family across the world should be angry at Thames Water's plans for green public open spaces when brownfield alternatives are available.

We also note that the Thames tunnel consultation page is now working again. Its very important that you submit your comments by the deadline. You can also amend your entries right up to the deadline so I would encourage you to feedback your views now and change them nearer the deadline as necessary. The Thames consultation page is:

Carl Schofield

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